Pide a Heineken que no apoye las corridas de toros

El grupo cervecero Heineken promueve las corridas de toros en Portugal, y con seguridad en otros países... ¡pídeles que dejen de apoyar la tortura de animales!

Pide a Heineken que no apoye las corridas de toros

La organización ANIMAL de Portugal descubrió que "Central de Cervezas", una de las dos grandes comercializadoras de cerveza de Portugal, es 100% propiedad del grupo Heineken. "Central de Cervezas" apoya las corridas de toros en la plaza de toros de Lisboa y en otras festividades lusas. Un gerente de "Central de Cervezas" respondió a los cientos de mensajes de protesta por el apoyo a la tortura, diciendo que "éstas son parte de los negocios de la compañía".

Otra posición diferente tomó la compañía UNICER, del grupo Carlsberg, que respondió positivamente a las cartas de protesta declarando que "UNICER respeta los derechos de los animales" y que "asociar la marca a las corridas de toros es un error operacional que será inmediatamente corregido", además de que no está en sus planes cambiar esta posición anti-corridas de toros.

Por favor, envía la siguiente carta petitoria (en inglés) al grupo HEINEKEN, para que deje de apoyar la tauromaquia no sólo en Portugal, sino en el resto de países que siguen lucrando con la tortura de los animales.

Envía los mensajes a [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

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Asunto: Please don't suppor the bloody bullfights...


Dear Madams/Sirs,

I am writing to you to inform you that the 100% HEINEKEN-owned company Central de Cervejas, in Portugal, supports the violent, shameful and horrific co-called art of bullfighting. This company has responded to hundreds of caring consumers who sent messages expressing their concern for this condemnable support, saying that the association of their main beer brand with bullfighting is something they accept as “part of the business of selling beer”. This decision is radically different than the stance that UNICER (owned by the CARLSBERG group), the other main beer company in Portugal, took on this issue. In a public statement, UNICER said that it respects animal rights and that it is not part of the company´s advertising plan to have any association whatsoever with bullfighting.

Central de Cervejas is not only disrespecting animals, it is also failing to understand that the number of people in Portugal (and other countries) who derive pleasure from watching the bloody bullfighting spectacles is by far much smaller than the number of people who oppose this activity and want to see it banned, as recent surveys have shown. Bullfighting is experiencing such opposition in Portugal, that, in the last 8 months, 8 national and international companies, such as Ben & Jerry’s, KODAK and MELKA have ended the association that these companies´ Portuguese branches had with bullfighting activities in Portugal. When stating its position on the issue, KODAK UK Chairman Julian Baust made KODAK’s position strongly and positively clear, saying “KODAK in no way condones animal cruelty”. Other companies issued similar statements when they have announced that they would no longer get involved with bullfighting. Also, three weeks ago, a Lisbon court has deemed as “a cruel and violent spectacle”, “unsuitable for children and teenagers, as it is susceptible of negatively influencing their personality”, in a historic court decision regarding the exhibition of bullfights on TV.

This situation – created by the persistence of Central de Cervejas of maintaining its association with bullfighting – is inevitably pushing the company to face a national boycott, which seems to be accepted by the company as a consequence of its position, rather than changing their position and collect the promotional benefits of walking away from bullfighting in a country where they no longer are accepted.

I urge you to please get in touch with Central de Cervejas in Portugal and have this HEINEKEN-owned company totally ending its association with bullfighting and the way it is dragging your brands and products into this negative publicity situation. It's also valid for the rest of countries where "people like to torture animals" and HEINEKEN supports it.

Looking forward for your reply and thanking you for your attention,

Yours, sincerely,


City, Country:



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