Spain, Portugal and France reopen their bullrings to continue torturing bulls

In mid-July some bullfighting promoters have resumed the activity of their bullrings, with some restrictions by the Covid-19. More than thirty celebrations are already scheduled between now and the end of the year in Europe.

04 agosto 2020
Madrid, España.

After being injured by the picador, a bull attacks a horse until it is knocked down. The dantesque scene is seen in Beaucaire last July 26.

Spain, Portugal and France have reopened their bullrings to continue the torture of bulls. The images are hard to watch. Aficionados applauding the suffering of innocent animals. Terrified bulls that penetrate the torso of horses that are unable to run. Blood covering the sand. Death. Only death from beginning to end. When the show ends, only the wicked smile of the bullfighters remains as they drag the body of their victim out of the ring.

Torrijos (Toledo) was the first town to carry out the first bullfight of the New Spanish Normality on July 12, thus resuming a season that was suspended on March 8. Other cities such as Huelva, El Puerto de Santa María, Málaga, Mérida, Beziers ... already have their posters programmed in the Covid-19 era, and they will be follow by Estepona, Osuna, Lodosa, Plasencia, Miraflores de la Sierra, El Espinar, Herrera del Duque, Santisteban del Puerto, Andújar, El Rocío, Astorga, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Priego de Córdoba, Valdetorres del Jarama and a long list of small towns.

Estremoz, in Portugal, also resumed his bullfighting season in mid-July, and there are shows scheduled in Cartaxo, Vila Nova Da Barquinha or Coruche. Also in France, they have joined this bloody nonsense in Beziers, Beaucaire, Istres, Saint-Martin-de-Crau, Garlin and others.

We want to go one step further and abolish bullfighting forever. That has always been our goal, and we have taken leaps and bounds in recent years with the ban in Catalonia and the progress in Mallorca. We'll not take a step back in this fight. The time is now.

if not now, when? If not you, who? The animals cannot wait any longer and don't deserve less.

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