AnimaNaturalis exposes the cruelty of bullfighting

AnimaNaturalis and CAS International have filed a complaint with the sub-delegation of the Government of Toledo for a bullfight that took place on August 21 in the Plaza de Toros de Esquivias (Toledo, Spain).

21 septiembre 2020
Esquivias, España.

Despite the fact that a large part of the cultural activity remains paralyzed, the spanish goverment continue to yield to the pressure of the bullfighting sector. On August 21, it was allowed a bullfight without complying with safety and health regulations, in Esquivias (Toledo). At the event, the bullfighters threw to the public the cut ears of the bulls, previously kissed by the bullfighters themselves. In addition, there were throwing of objects into the ring that were repeatedly relaunched between bullfighters and the public.

It filled us of sadness to witness how they killed , as there is no greater pain than seeing a helpless and bewildered being suffer, but we believe that it is important to make these images known, and that his death is not in vain. 

AnimaNaturalis and CAS International have requested that the organizers and promoters of these events be sanctioned, for having deliberately risked the health of those attending said show. We would have loved to take these people to court for the pain and suffering of animals, we are ashamed that this is still completely legal. We will not stand idly by.

Did you know that some regional governments and county councils are already allocating extraordinary amounts for the rescue of bullfighting due to the effects of the coronavirus? Close to 7.3 million euros. Madrid leads the ranking of the regions that will give the most money to the sector, with up to 4.5 million euros. It's outrageous!

Help us to prosecute animal abuse

Help us continue to document and monitor those who continue to abuse animals for fun. Just like that we can act and make them feel like their privileges are over. That they will have to pay for every abuse, every act of selfishness and cruelty.

Our work forces us to witness the greatest atrocities. Not infrequently we wish to close our eyes or look away, but if not ourselves, who? If we are not there, the cruelty would go unnoticed by the majority ... and the lamentable aficionados continue to enjoy their privileges of blood, torture and death. Thank you for your support.

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