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Factory farms

Factory farms treat animals like machines that generate meat, milk and eggs. And that not only affects the welfare of animals, but also profoundly damages our environment.

poor hygienic conditions and inefficient waste management in industrial farms can proliferate bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli, as well as creating the conditions for diseases such as swine fever (H1N1) and bird flu .

Attempts are made to keep animals on massive amounts of antibiotics, but that hasn't prevented their diseases from spreading to the human population.

Global warming

To prevent future pandemics, there is by reducing emissions to zero. According to a report by the School of Studies Johns Hopkins University Advanced International Studies (SAIS), the effects of climate change will increase the risk of pandemic outbreaks. Conditions on modern farms are a contributing factor to the increased risk of future infections, and we must take action immediately.

The loss of biodiversity and the concentration of large numbers of animals in deplorable conditions is the main reason why the question scientists are asking is not whether there will be a new pandemic, but when we will experience it.


When a disease crosses the species barrier from animals to humans, it is called a zoonosis. Confinement conditions in macro farms, excessive use of antibiotics and large numbers of crowded individuals are a breeding ground for these diseases.

60% of all diseases and 75% of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic. Most of these come from the meat industry, including chickens, cows, and pigs.

At least 2.2 million people die strong> each year of zoonotic diseases in the world.

Factory farming is devouring the planet and the so-called factory farms are the cruelest and dirtiest face of this business. These huge meat factories are responsible for climate change, unsustainability and cruelty to animals. With your signature you can end this hell for animals.

Every day, thousands of animals live and die in crowded and dirty conditions. This is the reality of industrial agriculture.

In Spain there are more pigs than people. The official figures for 2018 from the Ministry of Agriculture account for 52.4 million the number of animals taken to the slaughterhouse that year. Most of them are raised on mega-farms, where they suffer from the worst conditions imaginable. 84% of the 86,641 farms registered in the country use intensive systems, and are growing every year. Of the 43 million laying hens that live in Spanish territory, only 7% are alternative breeders, the rest live in cages. And in milk production, the average number of cows per farm has almost doubled in the last nine years. In Soria there is a dairy with 20,000 cows, the largest in Europe.