Letter to Carlitos, the brave rabbit

The adopter of Carlitos and Zuri, two rabbits rescued from the meat industry by AnimaNaturalis, expresses in a farewell letter how much their time together meant to her family.

20 enero 2024
Madrid, España.

My dear Carlitos,

You were born in a dark and unhealthy farm in any town in Spain, where your mother may still be exploited raising bunnies until death.

But you were brave.

You managed to escape from your cage and taste freedom for the first time in that horrible place, surrounded by cobwebs and excrement.

Injured, dirty, and malnourished, the kind souls of AnimaNaturalis found you, couldn't turn a blind eye, and took you away with Zuri.

You had a wounded paw, mites, and malnutrition, but you clung to life with all the strength you had left.

I cared for you like a baby, gave you medication, healed your paw, cleaned your sick ears... And you understood from the very beginning that everything I did was to heal you, which is why you let me hold you in my arms.

You were very sick, and it got even worse with a severe bout of diarrhea. The vet said everything would depend on your will to live, and boy, did you have it!

You were a brave rabbit.

Gradually, you gained strength and vitality. You always came to me like a little dog when I called you by your name, jumping, full of joy.

The first thing I did every day was to open your wooden house so you could spend the day freely in the garden. I gave you pellets, fresh grass, and your bits of carrot or apple. What races and excavations you did together, not a rosebush was left standing! But it was all worth it to see you happy.

One day, I noticed that your eyes were swollen, and you weren't well. We immediately went to the vet, and the news was devastating. He told us there was nothing to be done; that cursed myxomatosis virus was lethal.

But I refused to give up. You were my brave Carlitos!

Even though your eyes, ears, and genitals were very swollen, you ate whatever I brought to your mouth and drank from the syringe. You still recognized my voice, and every day you regained a little strength after your injection.

We fought together until the end, and although you lost the battle this time, you forever won a place in the hearts of this family.

I take comfort in thinking that even though it was short, you enjoyed your life with Zuri and that you both experienced the freedom and affection you deserved.

Despite how sad I am, how glad I am to have had you in my life!

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