Campaña Contra el Patrocinio da AVIS Rent-a-Car en las corridas de toros

AVIS Rent-a-Car Portugal apoya la tortura de animales patrocinando corridas RTP y Agencia Noticiosa Taurina.
Encvía cartas de protesta para a AVIS Rent-a-Car Inc., AVIS Europe y AVIS Portugal.

A Dear Sirs,

 It is with my deepest regret, concern and outrage that I am writing to inform you that, in Portugal, AVIS Rent-a-Car Portugal is strongly and very actively supporting several bullfights, namely having sponsored two bullfights that were recently broadcasted on national TV, as well as pro-bullfighting websites which radically claim that this activity must be maintained as a respectable and acceptable form of entertainment. Bullfights are a gruesome and medieval activity, which consists in violently injuring bulls and horses in a so-called tradition, which holds animals as tools of the saddest and most abhorrent entertainment. These spectacles are widely condemned in Portugal and have been under heavy protests by animal rights organizations over the past years.

 Since AVIS Rent-a-Car Portugal does not appear to be sensitive to the messages that were already sent to the company about this issue, with the company stating that these sponsorships are justified because some bullfights are promoted with supposed purposes of charity, I am hereby directly contacting AVIS Rent-a-Car Inc. and AVIS Europe, so that you may know about this scandal. I believe that there is no merit or justification in alleged charitable fund-raising activities, which are based in the torture of animals, and even more when that happens merely for entertainment. There are many cruelty-free ways of raising money for charities. Also, I refuse myself to use the services of a company that sponsors entertainment activities that are based in the brutalisation of animals. So, I am asking you to make AVIS Portugal understand that these sponsorships must end at once, cancelling them immediately, otherwise I will boycott every AVIS services and tell all my friends to do the same.

Trusting that you will give the proper consideration to this message of mine,

Please accept my best regards,

Yours, sincerely,


Ciudad, País ; ; ; ;

Esta es la respuesta que envió AVIS Portugal a los correos pero hay que seguir enviando

In the last few days Avis has received several e-mail messages concerning the sponsorship of bullfights in Portugal.

As a result, Avis Portugal wishes to clarify the following points:

 1. It is not Company Policy to sponsor or advertise activities
that could in anyway be seen as harmful to animals.

 2. As in prior years, Avis Portugal continues to make donations
to Casa do Pessoal da RTP, a Radio e Televisão de Portugal, which by its own initiative and without prior consent from Avis, included the Avis brand in advertising space broadcasted by RTP.

 3. We have requested a formal apology from Casa do Pessoal da
RTP, for inappropriate usage of the Avis brand without prior permission by ANT and requested the immediate suspension of the site or subsequent legal action by Avis against ANT. This can be confirmed by the effective withdrawal of the ANT site from the Internet and we expect to receive a letter of apology shortly.

 4. Avis Portugal confirms its commitment to the "we try harder"
ethos in relation to the Community and Environment and does not wish to see its brand name unfairly associated with inappropriate activities in terms of animal rights and protection. Avis confirms that it is not and will not be a sponsor of bullfights.

 5. For many years Avis has actively supported several
charities, either through donations or logistical support to organisations helping children, elderly and ill people. Examples include the Luis Figo foundation, the Personal House of the National TV, the Association of Lupos, the victims of fire, the Children Foundation, etc

 Avis Portugal.








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